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The vital element of an electronic cigarette battery

Source of energy essential to the operation of an electronic cigarette, the battery is an element easy to use but relatively complex in its properties. We go around the essential information to know to correctly choose your batteries.

No battery, no steam! To produce steam, the resistance of the electronic cigarette must heat the liquid, and it is up to the battery to provide the necessary electricity. And casually, it takes a lot of energy to heat resistance.

Some models of electronic cigarettes have a built-in battery, sealed inside. It recharges thanks to a USB port but beyond that, the user does not have access. It is therefore essential to ensure before the purchase that the battery provides enough autonomy for the use we will have, since we can not replace it.

This is also one of the advantages on models whose battery is removable, since it can be replaced by a charged battery if it fails. On these models of electronic cigarette, suddenly, the choice of the battery is the user, and it is important to do it correctly. It's about your approval of use, but it's also about security. The rare incidents that the media revel in are also there to remind.

The batteries are both easy to use and complex in their properties. So we have put together different articles based on your interest in the issue, from the simple choice of the best accu with the technical details pointed for the geeks, while passing by the useful points without being essential for the advanced users.

The best 5 batteries 18650

The main question is of course what is the best battery for the use you will have. Here's the simple and straightforward answer, with our selection of the top 5 18650 rechargeable batteries depending on how powerful you are. 5 references, because "the" best accu does not exist. No more than for example "the" best car, which is not the same if you want to go on vacation with the whole family, park easily in town or do good on arriving at Macumba on Saturday night.

Which brand of battery to choose?

If you want to go beyond our selection of the best 5 18650 batteries, or if you are looking for a battery in another format, the brand is an essential choice. In a word, there are 4 brands to recommend, all the others are somehow to avoid. A decided judgment of which we give you the objective reasons in a complete article on the different brands.

How to choose a battery?

Choosing a battery is done in two main steps. First determine what discharge intensity is needed for the vape power you are considering, then find the battery that meets that criterion by giving you maximum autonomy. This article details all you need to know about the capacity and maximum discharge current (MCD) of the batteries, two essential parameters, both well known and often misinterpreted.

The technical characteristics of the batteries

Les batteries ont également des caractéristiques moins connues mais importantes si vous voulez optimiser votre choix et votre utilisation. Pour les geeks, les curieux et les pointilleux, nous passons en revue les caractéristiques techniques des accus : la résistance interne, le volt sag, la tension nominale, la chimie et le taux de décharge des accus. L’occasion également de démonter quelques mythes et d’éclaircir des notions souvent confuses.

How to recharge a battery?

Recharging batteries is an integral part of their use, and largely determines their life. A point whose importance is easily underestimated, and on which we give you all the details. Is an external charger better than charging in the box, should you recharge often or wait until the battery is empty, what is the best intensity to recharge its battery ... you'll know everything.

Extend the life of a battery

A battery can last you two months or three years depending on how you use it. Proper charging, but also some simple practices can dramatically improve the longevity of your batteries. Nevertheless, there is always a compromise to be made between the approval of use and the preservation of the batteries, we give you all the parameters to take into account so that you can find yours.

When should a battery be replaced?

Like any element of an electronic cigarette, the batteries eventually lose their performance, when they have not been damaged by a shock or a snag on their protection. It may be time to replace your battery. In this guide, you will find the various elements to take into account in order to know if a battery is good for going to recycling (since a battery does not go out), or if it can be repaired and put back in service safely.

The choice of batteries for an electronic box

If, like many, you think that the series / parallel configuration of the batteries or the value of the resistance to any influence on the autonomy or the intensity drawn on the batteries in an electronic box, this guide is for you. Ohm's law does not apply at all in the same way for electronic boxes as for mechs. A somewhat technical guide to explain the correct calculations specific to regulated mods.

Accus explosions ... and how to avoid them.

Finally, and a little apart, an article on the explosions of batteries of electronic cigarettes. The media feast, we know that they are extremely rare, it was important to take stock of this explosive subject to understand it, and especially to prevent it from happening to you.